Under the Big Tent

Knife Skills  
Intimidating?  Then spend some time with
Chris West, Certified Culinarian from The  
Culinary Institute of America, and learn the use and care of the most important tools
in your kitchen.

Mandoline Magic
Not the musical kind, but the absolutely most incredible kitchen tool for any
vegetable lover.  Learn how to use it and maybe even win one!   
Joan Scire-Vitkevich, owner of The Steel Mandoline, Pleasantville
Mandolines courtesy of
Design for Living, Inc.

Scott Vaccaro
, owner and brewmaster at the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
in Pleasantville will tell you about his 5 very special beers, let you sample them at a
local restaurant and even set up a personal tour and tasting at the brewery.

Celia Farrell
of Katonah and an aspiring marine biologist at the University of Hawaii,
will show you how to make fun and aesthetically wonderful jewelry.  Or she will create
a one-of-a-kind piece just for you.         

Soap Making
Mia Camacho
of The Clean Ridge Soap Company
will tell you about their all natural, vegetable-based soaps.  Scented with natural
extracts, these are beautiful to see and marvelous to wash with.  
Also available for sale.  

Chocolate Veggies?
Clay Gordon
, Chef hobbyist and Certified Chocoholic, will demonstrate (and, of
course, let you taste) deep-fried vegetables with his secret sauces....with hints of
chocolate!  Yum.