This website was both a labor of love and a genuine learning experience.

The creator and director of this project is
Catherine Del Spina, a
Marketing Consultant from North Salem whose life changed when she first
tasted an heirloom tomato.

Deberah Sutter, Executive Director of The Edible Education Project and
the Executive Chef at the wonderful
Flying Pig restaurant, gave unstintingly
of her time and expertise.  Without her knowledge and spirit this would
never have happened.

Chris West of The Edible Education Project was invaluable in identifying
and securing our farmers and exhibitors and more other things than we can

The Big Tomato Fest could not have happened without the generous
support of
Edris Scherer, Tim Purdy and the entire Board of Directors of
Ruth Keeler Memorial Library.

Our logo was designed by
Shelly Chilton of Royal Oak, MI.   Shelly can be
reached at 248-393-2967 or

A giant shout out goes to
Yahoo! Site Builder and their Small Business
web-hosting service.  
David Shen showed us how to use SiteBuilder and
got us believing that we actually could create a website.  Check out his

The actual work on this site was largely done by
Jerry Shereshewsky,
who has been talking about the way the web changes everything for so
long that it's about time he actually got his hands dirty and built one.  All
typos are his.