The local farmers listed on this page will be at The Big Tomato Fest
on August 26 and will be offering  their products and produce for
sale as well as providing tastings.  
Cash only please.  
Sprout Creek Farm is a 200 acre working farm in Dutchess
County, New York that provides an integrated context for
educational and spiritual development programs for young people
and adults.
Toad Haul Farm is a NOFA-NY certified organic farm located in
North Salem (Westchester County) NY. Growers Ellen Casale and
Brian Spahr's commitment to organic standards and sustainable soil
building results in produce with a distinct energy and fresh flavor.
The farm is best known for its salad greens, heirloom tomatoes,
herbs, and edible flowers.
Cabbage Hill Farm Foundation is a non-profit organization
dedicated to the preservation of endangered breeds of historic
farm animals and the small farm.  We are dedicated to the
practice of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics.  
Maplebrook Farm Mountain Mozzarella is made entirely by
hand in Vermont by skilled old world cheese artisans. Our cheese
consistently passes all taste tests because of its purity and natural
goodness. We believe that our product is superior due to the
careful handling it receives by our talented artisans, who believe
that a minimum of handling is best for achieving the optimal flavor
and a perfect consistency.
Bear Pond Farm is an organic grower and gourmet sauce
maker located in Connecticut.  Bear Pond Farm began as Sweet
Pea Organics, a small certified organic family farm that supplied
heirloom vegetables to the New York City Green Markets.
Ricks Picks is an award-winning producer of incredible pickled
vegetables.  With a shop on the lower east side of Manhattan, Ricks
Picks has been written up in literally dozens of magazine and newspaper
All Smoked Up specializes in onsite catering & southern
style pit barbecue. They do the work while you enjoy your
family & friends. They can provide full service catering for
whatever event you have planned.  
Lioni Latticini  For the past 23 years, the Salzarulo family has
transformed the tradition of manufacturing exceptional all natural whole
milk mozzarella in America. Top skills and dedication to premium quality,
appreciation for innovative production, and outstanding customer
relations, have all proved that a small Brooklyn neighborhood
manufacturer could become a nationally renowned manufacturer and
distributor of Mozzarella cheese.
Butternut Valley Organics is a NOFA Certified Organic diversified
market farm. Our objective is to provide locally produced sustainably
grown high quality fresh food directly to customers concerned about
environmental and agricultural issues. We have several projects
underway here, including a wide variety of vegetables year-round,
the best quality eggs from layers on pasture, pastured broiler
poultry, dairy goats whose milk we process into goat cheese,
heritage apple orchard, honeybee products, fermented pickled
vegetables in jars.

Kessman Farms, owned by Stephen and Rebecca Kessman
is located in Pawling NY.  This season the Kessman family
planted over 20 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  Many will be
available for tasting and sale.  The farm was started by his
grandparents in the 1920's.  They supply corn and other fresh
vegetables to farmers' markets and farmstands throughout the