The Big Tomato Fest is especially
wonderful for kids.  

Mimi Edelman, Director of the Edible Education Day Camp will
be available to discuss the Edible Education Project, its school
programs and next year's day camp.

Maria Whitley Rochman  is the founder and director of Rocklee
Music Together.  She will be introducing your children to
interactive games with a variety of musical instruments.

Kathleen Turner, 4H-er and Columbia County Fair Judge,
Lexi Shereshewsky
(Head Councilor of Edible Education Day Camp)
Beryl Shereshewsky
will lead kids in fun arts projects

Cathy Clare
, Master Gardener,
Greenhouse Facilitator and Project Director for the Edible
Garden at the Katonah Elementary School, will help the kids
cornhusk people; a native American tradition